How Do I….? Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a  library card? How old do I have to be to get a library card? There is no age limit for getting a First Regional Library card. Newborns can have a library card!  Parents or guardians must sign for those under 18 though. Just come into any branch and fill out a form. You will need to show some form of identification and your current address. WE ALSO HAVE NEW NO-FINES CARDS FOR KIDS! If you’d like to fill out an application before you come in, you may download one from here:

Are there overdue fines? Can I pay them online? Overdue fines range from 10 cents per day for books up to $1.00 per day for DVDs. Yes, you can pay them online from your home computer or at a public computer in the library by bringing up your First Regional account and paying bills. **Items borrowed from members of the Mississippi Library Partnership may have different overdue fines.** You will need your Library Card number and pin to enter your online account. Staff at the circulation desk can provide your pin number if you don’t know it.

What if my card is expired? Please visit or make a call to your local branch library and speak to the circulation desk staff.

How do I find the hours the library is open? Go to the First Regional home page and select “Find My Library.”  This will lead you to the pages for each of our 14 branches.

How do I place a hold on a book or other materials?
First: Go to Library Catalog – found within the top menu of the Library’s website:
Second: Notice that at this point, you may choose to search the First Regional Library’s Catalog only – and you do that by clicking that box. If not, you will also be searching items outside FRL’s 14 branch system–these other titles are available though FRL’s involvement with The Mississippi Library Partnership.
When you find the title you want by searching, click “PLACE A HOLD” found on the top of the small list of options on the left side of that screen.
Type in your library card number and PIN (ignore that alternate ID line – unless you have one, of course).
Select the branch you want to pick it up at and the date by which the hold would no longer be of any use to you.  Note: it “defaults” to six months out – which you may simply leave in and not change if you so choose.
Then click PLACE HOLD, which is the box at the lower left corner of this screen.

Do you offer programs for children and teens? Yes, we do! Check the events calendar on our webpage.

Do you offer classes and programs for adults? Yes, we do! Check the events calendar on our webpage.

How do I find a book club? On our web page, there is a link to Book Clubs. That page will tell you which book clubs meet in your area.

Where can I return my books? At any of First Regional’s 14 branches.

How do I check out/use eBooks? You can download books to your e-reader by selecting that option on our webpage. Select the device you have and instructions for downloading will become available.

How do I get the Words on Wheels Book Wagon to visit my center? Please contact Hanna Lee, Early Childhood Coordinator, at (662) 429-4439 or

For more information and to download an application visit the Early Childhood Resource Center portion of the FRL webpage (link:

I can’t access my account online. Who do I contact? Check with circulation desk staff first to see if your user ID and PIN number are correct.